Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond Francis
Camillus Mascarenhas,
(Founder of the Congregation of the Sisters
of the Little Flower of Bethany)
Rules for Payment of Fees
  1. Fee is to be deposited in four installments.
  2. Twelve months tuition fee is to be remitted as indicated below:
    • 1st Installment
      April, May, June-Admission Fee, Annual Fee, Tuition Fee, Smart Class, Computer Fee & e-Care Fee.
      To be paid on or before April 20th
    • 2nd Installment
      July, August & September.
      To be paid on or before July 15 th
    • 3rd Installment
      October, November & December.
      To be paid on or before October 15th
    • 4th Installment
      January, February & March.
      To be paid on or before January 15th
  3. The dates will be strictly observed and if the payment is not made in time, a fine of Rs. 100/- per installment will be levied for a delay up to a month in the case of first installment and up to a delay of 5 days in case of 2nd installment and thereafter Rs.50/- per month .Part of the month will be treated as full month
  4. If the fees are not paid for two months, the pupil’s name will automatically be struck off the rolls and re-admission fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged along with the unpaid fee
  5. Parents and guardians will kindly preserve the receipts issued to them and produce them as proof payments of fee, if needed.
  6. Pupils may not be allowed to sit for any of the examinations unless all dues of the School are paid up-to-date.
The academic year of the school is divided in to three terms for Preprimary (Nursery, LKG & UKG) :
  • First Term (April to September)
  • Second Term (October to December)
  • Third Term (January to March)
Two Unit Test & Two Terms for Other Classes-
  • Unit Test-50
  • Terminal Examination-100