Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond Francis
Camillus Mascarenhas,
(Founder of the Congregation of the Sisters
of the Little Flower of Bethany)
  • principal
    History Of Bethany Educational Society, Mangalore

  • principal
    Rev. Sr. Rose Celine President of
    Bethany Educational Society
  • principal
    Rev. Sr. Mariette BS Secretary of
    Bethany Educational Society

The Bethany Educational Society, Mangalore, a Christian Religious Minority Institution, registered under the Society's Registration Act XXI of 1860 (Registration No.17 of 1948-1949).

The society has its head office at Bethany Convent,Mangalore, Karnataka. All the members of the Bethany Educational Society are catholic nuns belonging to the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany. The Society runs formal and non-formal educational institutions all over the country.

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas, the Founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, under whose patronage this school was established, was consumed by an indefatigable Zeal for the education of the poor and marginalized specially the rural girls. He longed for the total emancipation of Indian women and was convinced that it could not be achieved without education. His spirit of service was supported by a strong scaffolding of prayer and faith in God. He was a man of vision. His penetrating vision enabled him to look far ahead, and direct his work to fulfil the future needs. He was modest and compassionate. His charisma can be summarized in one phrase "service born out of love.

Aims and objectives:

To provide a sound education designed to train pupils for the world of tomorrow imbued with zealous spirit of service. The school strives to provide holistic growth of the pupils in an environment of freedom and personal responsibility. This school aims at developing essential personality and behavioural skills in the young. To accomplish this, special efforts are made

  • To help the students to become mature, spiritually oriented persons of character.
  • To encourage them to strive continually for excellence in every field.
  • To value and judiciously use their freedom.
  • To be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action.
  • To be unselfish in the service of their fellow men.
  • To become agents of needed social change in our country.

The school, thus, aims at making its' own contribution towards a radical transformation of present day social conditions; so that the principles of social justice, equality of opportunity, genuine freedom, and respect for religious and moral values enshrined in the constitution of India may prevail and the possibility of living a wholesome human existence may be open to all. The school emphasizes the social dimension in education and tries to promote actively, the social concern among the students. The Social Awareness programme is an integral part of the educational process and student's participation in it is compulsory. Therefore, students and their parents are expected to and must share the responsibility of the social dimension.

History of Bethany Convent School, Delta II, Greater Noida

Bethany Convent School, Delta II, Greater Noida was started on 16th July, 2012 with twenty five children. Sr Zelie was the first Principal.

At present there are 800 students. Boys: 465 Girls: 335 studying from Nursery to Class V.
There are 27 dedicated and committed teachers and 12 supportive staff in the school. The curriculum of the students is designed in the modern method of teaching. The Smart Classes are installed in some classes beside this there is Kyan Classes also. The report card and the sms system also are installed. Besides this the school conducts art and drawing, music and dance. The students participate in the inter school competitions, inter class competitions, and other competitions where they bag prizes.

The school will be affiliated to CBSE.